How to reach Wayanad from Bangalore?

Well, it depends on at least two things: how you are planning to travel (by bus or by private vehicle) and your itinerary.

Are you heading straight to Wayanad from Bangalore? Or your journey includes visit of other tourist places en route?

Let’s consider the cheaper and simpler option first, i.e. heading straight to Wayanad by bus. KSRTC (both Kerala & Karnataka corporations) operate bus schedules that connect Bangalore to Wayanad. Book your ticket to Kalpetta or Sulthan Bathery (both are towns in Wayanad.

A road side eatery on NH212 near Sultan Battery in Wayanad

A road side eatery on NH212 near Sultan Battery in Wayanad

Karnataka’s Rajahamsa service is far better than Kerala state’s backbreaking super-fast/ express services. It’s worth paying extra for the Rajahamsa ticket as it is a long journey. From Mysore, there are many bus services to Wayanad.

Let’s see the ‘drive all the way to Wayanad’ option.
From Bangalore, there are many routes to reach Wayanad (typically 3 routes). Finally, it all comes down to selecting the right route to Wayanad. Where in Wayanad do you want to go?

Let us remember, Wayanad is not a town or a city. It is the name of a large district with more than half a dozen towns. In all probability, you would be heading to one of its three major towns , Sulthan Bathery, Kalpetta or Mananthavady.

The three popular route options between Bangalore and Wayanad:

Bangalore to Wayanad routes

Bangalore to Wayanad routes

From Mysore, you’ll take the deviations depending up on the routes you opt.

Route A : Bangalore to Mananthavady via Nagarhole & Kutta ( 267 km )
Route B : Bangalore to Mananthavady via HD Kote & Bavali ( 263 km )
Route C : Bangalore to Sulthan Bathery ( 264 km )

Route A : Bangalore – Mysore – Hunsur- Nagarhole – Kutta – Kattikulam – Mananthavady (Wayanad)
Route B: Bangalore – Mysore – HD Kote – Bavali – Kattikulam – Mananthavady ( Wayanad)
Route C: Bangalore – Mysore – Gundulpet – Munthanga – Sulthan Battery ( Wayanad)

Select your forward and return routes smartly, considering your overall itinerary and Wayanad itinerary. This may involve going to Wayanad by one route (say , Route A) and return by another route (example , Route C). You’ll even see (a little later on this page) a Route D if your itinerary includes Ooty in Tamil Nadu too. There are many advantages for this circuit route strategy.

First of all, you will be saving time and travel cost by avoiding too many up and down travels with in Wayanad. Arrange your itinerary smartly so that you can start at one end of Wayanad as you enter by one route and by the time you complete your tour of Wayanad, you are already near the beginning of the return route you’ve chosen.
Well, it is not all that straightforward; nevertheless some forethought and planning can make your tour a lot more effective. Plus, you have the experience of seeing two different wildlife sanctuaries as you go in and out of Wayanad.

Luckily Route A/Route B and Route C are located at the two ends of Wayanad’s ‘tourist arc’ . So you start at one end of the arc, sweep your way through and leave at the other end.

Generally, you’ll first have to head towards Mysore, weather you opt for Route A,B or C.

Bangalore to Mysore: It’s about 150 km drive on the state highway (SH17). The highway is in good condition, with 4 lane most of the way. You’ll take anything between 3 to 4 hours, depending on many traffic conditions. What probably slows down would be the slow moving traffic in the Bangalore city to Bidadi stretch (about 30km). Beyond this traffic moves pretty smooth. That same can’t be said about the extended weekends thought!


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